A list of competitions I've participated in

One of my favorite ways to grow my skills is to join competitions and working with a team of highly competitent individuals. This allows you to practice with a wide array of subjects and share what you've learned with others. I highly recommend anyone interested in CyberSecurity to join a CTF at any skill level.

Attack And Defense

NCAE Cyber Games

Intercollegiate competition where you setup a network from ground up. Keep a selection of services up while being actively attacked by the red team.


Intercollegiate competition where you keep a set of services up as a IT team. Keep the red team from obtaining PII, and answer injects to gain more points.



How we used world-class visual design to attract a great team, win over customers, and get more press for Planetaria.


The story of how we built one of the most promising space startups in the world without taking any capital from investors.


Not exactly a limited time CTF, but I'd like to mention it here due to how good it is. There are a wide selection of boxes you're able to pwn. Boxes are machines that you're able to connect to through openvpn